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  2009 Sail Montana Stock Price List


         LOA: 13'10”
         Beam: 4'6”
         Draft: 2'7”
         Sail Area: 76 Square Feet
         Hull Weight: 130 Pounds
         Colors: White hull with grey deck
         Capacity: Designed for one person
Laser sailing is an investment in skills that will last you a lifetime, skills that apply to any boat you choose to sail. Laser sailing is also a community of sailors from around the world who love to race. When you are ready to race, get into a Laser.

The Laser can be sailed with three different rigs (Full, Radial and 4.7), accommodating sailors from 75-200+ lbs, and all skill levels, from beginner to Olympian.

Sail Montana stocks Lasers and Laser parts.


LOA: 13'9”
Beam: 4'1”
Draft: 2'11”
Sail Area: 75 Square Feet
Hull Weight: 120 Pounds
Colors: White hull with grey deck
Capacity: Can be sailed with one or two people

The Sunfish sail plan requires just 2 lines to control and the boat can be set up in less than 5 minutes. The patented kick-up rudder system allows full beach landings with no problems. The hard-chined hull and low sail plan provide unmatched stability and a forgiving feel. The Sunfish hull is light enough to throw on top of your car with ease, and the bulletproof Quality construction ensures that your Sunfish will provide years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment. The Sunfish combines performance, stability and durability in a package that appeals to beginners and experts alike.

Sail Montana stocks Sunfish and Sunfish parts.

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         LOA: 12'9”
         Beam: 5'0”
         Sail Area Main: 65 Square Feet
         Hull Weight : 130 Pounds
         Colors: Blue hull
         Capacity: Can be sailed with one - three people
If it's space you're looking for, the Zuma's got it. With a cockpit almost 7 feet long, there's room for two adults or a small gang of kids. All the deck fittings are recessed, and the seat tanks are shaped for comfort. Look forward to years of maintenance free fun, no storage hassles, and no need for for a trailer.  Look forward to years of fun with your Zuma.

Sail Montana stocks Zumas and Zuma parts.

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         LOA: 11'6”
         Beam: 4'8”
         Sail Area Main: 64 Square Feet
         Sail Area Jib: 12 Square Feet
         Colors: Blue hull with red, white and blue sail
         Capacity: One or two people

The Pico can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and is so versatile. You can sail with the mainsail or in the 'Pico Plus' configuration with a jib. When you see new-comers who have only sailed for a matter of hours, sailing single-handed in heavy breeze with even bigger smiles, you know you have a very special boat.

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         LOA: 15'3”
         Beam: 5'6”
         Draft: 3'2”
         Sail Area: 127 Square Feet
         Hull Weight: 190 Pounds
         Color: Blue hull
         Capacity: Two – Four People

From the outset the V-15 was designed to provide high performance in an extremely simple, comfortable, and durable package. The V-15 hull shape was tank tested to plane easily in moderate air and carry a wide range of crew weights effortlessly. The wide, flat stern provides unmatched stability and control in all wind and sea conditions.

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LOA: 13'9 "
Beam: 5'1"
Hull weight: 193 lb.
Color: Ice Blue
Sail Area: 86 Square Feet
Spinnaker: 122 Square Feet
Race Sail Area: 100 Square Feet
Race Spinnaker: 140 Square Feet
Race Mainsail: Kevlar
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Capacity: One - three people

Through a unique combination of style, versatility and hydro-dynamic ability, we have raised control, stability, planing performance and comfort to unprecedented levels. The designer Jo Richards has an outstanding reputation for designing a range of small boats including the world’s most popular roto-molded boat—The Pico. Jo is known for innovation on his boats and for pushing the design boundaries. The result, the Vago incorporates versatility with sail combinations for a range of different sailing environments.

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LOA: 15 ’1”
Draft: 3’7”
Beam: 5'10"
Mast Height: 24’6”
Sail Area: 153 Square Feet
Spinnaker: 151 Square Feet
Hull weight: 286 lb.
Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced
Optimal weight: 650 lbs.
Capacity: Two – five people
Color: Ice Blue

With stable and spacious cockpit, the Bahia features clutter-free ample space for up to five adults. Inboard seats and controllable power allow the sailor to feel safe and secure throughout the ride. Should you capsize, the Bahia is slow to invert, easy to right and re-board. When you add the mast head flotation, the boat sits smartly on top of the water so even a small person can right it with ease.

The multifunctional Bahia can be sailed, rowed or motored. The stability and sturdy design of the hull make it a breeze to motor or row if the wind lays low. Also, you can add the stern storage box to store the engine or take goodies for a day trip.

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LOA: 22.50ft./6.86 m
LWL: 19.00ft./5.79 m
Beam: 8.00ft./2.44 m
Draft: 3.80ft./1.16 m
Displacement: 1,790lbs./812 kg
Lead Keel:700lbs./318 kg
Engine: Outboard
100% SA: 223sq.ft./20.72 m^2

People say the J/22 is the best sailing boat they've ever been on, including other J's. It's responsive, stable with its fixed lead keel and safe, as much fun to single-hand with main only as it is to plane under spinnaker in 18 knots of wind.

J/22 at 1800 lbs. can be towed behind an SUV and be launched on the local yacht club hoist. With its easy-to-rig, deck-stepped mast, you can be from trailer to sailing in 30 minutes. The key to J/22's success as a training boat is durability. It's no wonder Sail Newport and College of Charleston love this boat. Hulls and decks are built with Baltek cored laminates to withstand years of hard use. 12-15 year old boats routinely win major J/22 championships. You'll find the newest J/22s are even easier to maintain with stainless handrails and white composite toe-rails.

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LOA: 24.00ft./ 7.32m
LWL: 20.00ft./ 6.10m
Beam:8.90ft./ 2.71m
Draft: 4.00ft./ 1.22m
Displacement: 3,100lbs./ 1,406kg
Lead Keel: 950lbs/ 431kg
100% SA: 261sq.ft./ 24.25 m^2
Engine: Outboard  4 hp

A J24 is for everyone, age 12 to 80, no matter what their style: racing, daysailing or cruising. Her flared topsides make her dry on deck. Her "weekender" cabin offers shelter on cold days.  She can be sailed easily by one person with only the mainsail.  The J24 is the most popular one design keelboat in the world.